First Assessment

If you are thinking of getting some counselling / psychotherapy in Bath, you might want to know how it actually works. All counsellors are different and work in their individual ways. This is how I do it: Our first personal contact will probably be by phone, email or text. We will then meet for an assessment.

For you this first meeting is to find out whether you feel comfortable with me and if the way I work suits you. For myself it is to find out a bit more about you, and to explain to you about confidentiality, cost, duration of sessions etc. We then both go away, have a think and feel, and decide whether we would like to work with each other. Once we have decided to go ahead together we will find a time-slot on which we are both free every week. If this is not always possible we can make appointments from week to week. If you find yourself in the middle of a major crisis we can meet twice a week until you feel that once a week would be enough. Otherwise we will meet weekly for at least six sessions. It takes a bit of time to get to know, and connect with, each other. 


After six sessions we can review our work together. Some clients want to focus on a certain problem or situation and once this has changed they want to stop having counselling. Others might be struggling with an existential crisis and want to go deeper, in which case the work can be open-ended or until the client finds him- or herself on solid ground again.


I don’t work following one certain method. It’s more like having a tool box with lots of different tools in it and using the one that seems appropriate for a particular client in a particular session: Some clients mainly want to talk things through and understand what’s actually happening to them. Others have a talent for working with dreams and the imagination; again others might want to learn to communicate in a more effective way or learn how to deal with emotions that cause them problems like anger or depression, or they suffer from physical symptoms and body-focussing may be helpful to them.

As persons we are equals and we are creating this process of change together. It’s not for me to tell you what to do or to give you all the answers. Your Inner Self knows what needs to happen to make your life better and more fulfilling, and through this process the answers will emerge. It’s all there! The treasure lies within you. Together we can find out how to unearth it.