"Life is not about becoming perfect, it's about becoming whole, complete"

Some things in life are truly mysterious but many of them needn’t be.  Once we decide to take a proper look at issues we may have, they can be understood and changed. Usually we try to change things outside of us - other people, a different house, a new car. We think: “If this person would be different, then I could be happy.”Or: “If I had a different house, a bigger, better car, a new TV or a new handbag I would feel better.”
Sometimes these things do help but often it doesn’t work for very long. It may distract us for a while until we realise that we still feel the same emptiness, restlessness or frustration, the same loneliness, sadness or powerlessness. Then we need to look deeper and counselling can help with this.

I have trained in a variety of therapies and use these in an integrative approach.


Areas of counselling I deal with

There are many areas listed below which I can help you deal with. On my Specific Issues page I talk a little more in depth about my approach to those problems.

Other areas of counselling I deal with

Problems with Menopause
Life: Is this it? What's it all about?
Physical Symptoms / aches and pains

Therapies Offered